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401 W. 19th Street Eldon MO 65026    573-392-2331

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It's a great way to make new friends and relax after work! It's fun and competitive! Plus it's great exercise!

Tournament Schedule

Survivor Series Wednesday November 27

  • Registration begins at 7pm and bowling starts at 8.
  • Standard 10 Pin Handicap Format 80% of 220.
  • Bowl 3 games and the field is cut in half, bowl one game and the field is cut in half again. This will continue until there is 1 Survivor.
  • Payout based on number of entries. Entry Fee $40 with $25 going to the prize fund.
  • Scratch and Handicap Brackets available.
  • You must have a USBC Average or you will bowl scratch. This is a Certified Tournament.

Call Eldon Lanes to get signed up: 573-392-2331